Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Festivals + DIY: Skull cut out T-shirt

I live in a small country in Europa called Belgium. Known for it's French Fries, Chocolate, Beer and Festivals! We have Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, Graspop, .... Many and many more...
So here are some tips for the perfect festival outfit!

You got to have some old cowboy boots or old all stars. Shoes that can stand a lot of mud, hot weather and rain. Belgium in the summer is known for it's freaky weather. It can be super hot all day and suddenly it's raining so hard that you're standing in the mud till your knees.

Because of the weather always take your rock band sweater and tie it around your waist!

I love shorts at a festival because of the hot weather and a skirt is a big no no when your on someones neck!

You've gotta be a little rock chick on a festival so I wear a skull cut out T-shirt I made myself, it's really easy!

Step 1: Take an old black T and cut of the neck and the arms so you have a top (or you can just take a top but I like this cause it looks more trashy)

Step 2: Draw your skull, you can find examples everywhere but you can try to invent one yourself

Step 3: Cut out your pattern! And your done!


  1. Wow that is a fab idea!!!
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  2. great this post, nice skulls :P

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  3. Love that idea! Looks funny!

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  4. Ohhhh I wanna wear this now,amazing post,honey!;)

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