Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coming soon: The Closet I Love

On the first day of July I will start a whole new blog. 

The Closet I Love. 

My old blog, Ln_Fierlafijn, was about my journey to become a fashion designer. I'm still not there but I'm starting to get the hang of it. Everything I learned so far, I learned all by myself and a little help from the internet.  But I'm getting to understand that I need lessons. So in the mean time I still want to blog. Just because I love it so much and it is like a scrapbook were I can put all my ideas and DIY's. I love all of your comments so much because they support my to become better. I want to be a fashion designer that makes clothes for the average girl. So this new blog will be about the fashion of today and the normal budget girl. There will be some DIY's in it just because I love them so much ^^. I hope you read it, wear it and love it. 

Let's create The Closet We Love!

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